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tar spots

Tar Spot Removal

Tar spots are very common on cars and spoil the look of your paintwork and wheels. Using a high quality tar remover we can clean your paintwork to get rid of those liitle black spots. This additional service can be added to any valet. Ideal for those with white cars!



soft top roofSoft Top Cleaning and Re-proofing 

Helps to reduce the build up of road grime, salt, leaf gum and bird dirt that can pentrate deep into the fibres of your cars soft top material. It re-establishes the original 'as new' water proof weather barrier. Autoglym fabric hood cleaner and protector is applied in a 2-stage process. Firstly the cleaner removes any protection on the hood and cleans off any stains and dirt which is then rinsed and repeated until perfectly clean. Secondly, the protection is applied and once dried will bead off any rain water and protect against dirt and grime which would otherwise stick to the hood of your car. This service is ideally carried out at least every year to ensure your car continues to looks its best!



clay bar

Clay Bar Application

Contaminants such as road tar, tree sap, bug splatter, industrial fallout, brake dust, railway dust, paint overspray and exhaust soot can be removed using clay bar to leave your paintwork slippery smooth, ready for polishing or waxing. When these contaminants get a solid grip on your car's paint, washing alone may not be enough to remove them. Pre-wax cleaners also may not be able to remove large particles.  In this case, you have two choices: use a polishing compound, which removes a lot of paint material, or use a clay bar. A clay bar isn't a polish or compound, it is a surface preparation bar that smoothes the paint and exfoliates contaminants.


Autoglym High Definition CleanserHD Cleanser Kit

High Definition Cleanser removes old coatings of polish, wax and sealant from your paint. Old and decaying layers are removed so that fresh ones can be applied to the bare paintwork. This increases the durability of polish, wax and sealants as you are working on a fresh surface. Cleansing is an essential step if you are serious about paint care.



Leather cleaning and conditioning

leather seatsAlthough designed to be very hard wearing, certain leathers can dry out over time and may crack. To prevent this we will vacuum your seats removing any dirt and debris then Autoglym leather cleaner is applied to all leaher and agitated to help remove light soiling. Its then wiped clean and dried. Afterwards Autoglym leather care balm is applied to your seats until fully absorbed then the seats are buffed up using a soft cloth. Leather Care Balm ensures that your leather has the oils it requires, without leaving an unnatural gloss, sticky or greasy surface residues. We recommend doing this twice a year to keep your leather supple and crack free.